Thursday, May 26, 2011

Media and Politics: An Epilogue

Well, it's over. Another semester gone, finals and papers to look forward to. We definitely had an interesting semester in Media & Politics. From media bias to presidential campaign ads and the polarization/politicization of the media, we've learned a lot about the media. Its been an educational and fun experience. I think that there are a few things that we can take from the experience: media bias does exist (though to different degrees depending on the topic and one reporting it), the media can be an effective tool or enemy, over the last century the media has become somewhat commercialized (with infotainment type news and cable tv), and the media has become polarized (perhaps reflecting the political environment). I think that from now on we will all be wiser when dealing with media matters and will be more objective and open minded than we were before, and might even try to use more than one source for our news in order to diversify and increase our knowledge (of both sides).

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